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Caterina (Kay) Miroddi

Kay & John Garemchuk at their wedding in 1974
Kay and John at their wedding in 1974: From L to R: Kay’s son from a previous marriage Frank Maggio & his wife Barbara, Kay, John, Kay’s mom Annie Miroddi, Judy Shipley (wife of Richard Utter), & Richard Utter, son from a previous marriage

Anna (Ann) Miroddi & Angelo (Tony) Strazza

Giuseppina (Josephine) Miroddi & George Costantino

Wedding Photo of Giuseppina (Josephine) Miroddi with her parents and siblings, 1948: From L to R: Gloria, Kay, Annie, Josephine, Andrea, and Ann
Wedding Photo of Giuseppina (Josephine) Miroddi & George Costantino, 1948. From L to R: Peter Strazza, Antoinette Costantino, Joseph Costantino, Gloria Miroddi Strazza, Josephine, George, Josephine Barbiere, Rocco Barbiere
Josephine Miroddi Costantino with her son George

Gloria Miroddi & Peter Strazza

Gloria & Pete’s 3 children, ca 1960
From L to R: Linda, John, Maria


Frank Maggio & Barbara Maggio

Richard Utter & Judy Shipley

Alfred Utter & Linda Ricci

Anthony Strazza

Andre Strazza & Liz Ferraiola

Wedding photo of Andre & Liz, 1969
Andre & Liz with their four sons, 1998:
From L to R: Matthew, Michael, Tommy, & David

Kenny Strazza & Peg Matakas

Kenny & Peg, 2018

Robert Strazza & Toni Carrozzo

Robert Strazza with his son Nicolas and daughter Samantha Rose, 2016

Marilyn Costantino & Cliff Kanevsky

Marilyn & Cliff, ca 1990
Marilyn & Cliff with their children Jessica (L) and Andrew (R), ca. 1986
Andrew and Jessica (Jessie) Kanevsky, ca. 1984

Anita Costantino & Dennis Rochford

Wedding photo of Anita & Dennis June 25, 1978
Anita and Dennis Rochford, with their two sons Daniel (L) & John (R), 1989

George Costantino & Mikal Ross

Griffin Costantino at his high school graduation with his mother Mikal Ross and father George Costantino, 2012

Maria Strazza & George Hager

Wedding photo of Maria & George, October 5, 1974
Maria & George with their two daughters, Sept. 11, 2021:
Amy (L) and Loren (R)

Linda Strazza & Robert Lynch

Linda Strazza Lynch and husband Robert Lynch with their four children:

John Strazza & Louise Piccerill

John Strazza & Louise Piccerill with Louise’s daughter Jessica, 2021


Brian Utter

Frank Maggio & Yvonne Capo

Lori Maggio & Elvin Medina

Lisa Utter & Ron Brown

Richard Semioli & Beverly Hood

William Strazza & Danielle Giambattista

Matthew Strazza & Rebecca Verdlech

Samantha Strazza & Drew Keslowitz

Andrew Kanevsky & Sara Miller

Andrew & Sara with their 2 children, ca 2021:
Anthony (L) & Ashlee (R)

Jessica Kanevsky & Ruben Ortiz

Jessica (Jessie) and Rubin with their son Louis, ca. 2021

The 3 grandchildren of Marilyn Costantino Kanevsky & Cliff Kanevsky, 2022
Anthony Kanevsky (top left), Ashlee Kanevsky (top right), and Louis Ortiz (bottom middle)

John Rochford & Amanda Ryan

John and Amanda, 2017

Daniel Rochford & Laura Hassett

Danny and Laura, November 2022
Danny and Laura, with their two children: Francis (L), Sophia (Center), and Laura’s daughter Gabriella (R), December 2022
Anita and Dennis with their grandchildren Sophia and Francis. October, 2022

Loren Hager & Daniel Sterling

Wedding photo of Loren Hager & Daniel Sterling, October 13, 2007
Loren Hager & Dan Sterling with their two children Perrin & Vincent
and their children’s grandparents Maria and George Hager, 2021

Amy Hager & Christopher Boyle

Wedding photo of Amy Hager & Chris Boyle, Sept. 10, 2006
Amy & Chris with their son Timmy and grandparents Maria and George, August, 2021

Kimberly Lynch & Carmine Genovese

Kimberly and Carmine with Jackson, 2021
Jackson and Viviana, 2022
Kimberly and Carmine and their two children with Kimberly’s mom and dad and brothers, 2022.
From L to R: Carmine, Christopher Lynch holding Viviana, Kimberly, Joseph Lynch, Linda Lynch, Anthony Lynch, Jackson, & Robert Lynch

Jessica Picerill & Bill Ryan

Lauren Picerill & Timothy Cardonna


The Four Miroddi Sisters and their spouses, 1995.
From L to R seated: Gloria, Ann, Jo, and Kay; 
Fron L to R Standing: Pete Strazza, Tony Strazza, George Costantino, and John Garemchuk
The children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of Gloria Miroddi & Pete Strazza at their 2021 Christmas dinner