Caragliano (Calano) Family Tree Inclusive of six generations, Posted March 1, 2024

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Anna Caragliano & Anthony Campo

Wedding Photo of Anna Caragliano & Anthony Campo, 1948
From L to R Standing: Gloria Miroddi Strazza, unidentified, Josephine Caragliano, Anna Caragliano, Anthony Campo, Unidentified, Tommy Caragliano, Peter Strazza;
Children: Lora Aspromonte & Nicky Montalto (Son of Frank and Carmen Montalto)

Thomas Caragliano & Margaret Polito

Wedding Photo of Thomas Caragliano & Margaret Polito, 1952
From L to R: Patty Polito, Nicholas Polito, Anna Montalto, Thomas, Margaret, Unidentified, Giuseppe (Joe) Montalto, Josephine Caragliano, & Rocco Barbiere
Communion photo of Thomas Calano II, ca. 1965
The Children of Tommy & Margie, ca. 1973
From L to R: Trina, Thoms II, and Christopher
Thomas Calano II (L) and Christopher Calano (R), children of Tom & Margaret, with their grandmother Jennie. 1981

Josephine Caragliano & Rocco Barbiere

Wedding Photo of Josephine Caragliano & Rocco Barbiere, 1950
From L to R: Tommy Caragliano, Anne Montalto, Child Unidentified, Dominick Barbiere, Anna Caragliano, Josephine, Rocco, Clara Barbiere Scibetta, Anthony Campo
Josephine & Rocky with their first-born child Rosemarie, 1951


Jeanne Campo & Gene Ruggiero & Douglas Mair

Thomas Calano II & Jennifer Lind

Thomas Calano II and his wife Jennifer with their children and grandchildren, on the occasion of Nicholas Calano’s 19th birthday, 2022
From L to R Back Row: Tom Calano II, Jennifer Calano, Thomas Calano III, Sadie Rutman, Rebeka Calano, Nicholas Calano, Katie Calano Teshome, Mekael Teshome;
From L to R Front Row Right: Judah Rutman, Sarah Calano Rutman with infant Keevon, Lily Rutman, and Nathan Rutman

Christopher Calano & Sandra Rodriguez

Chris Calano & Sandra Rodriguez, 2012

Trina Calano & Donald Best

Rosemarie Barbieri & Robert Nicoletti

Janet Barbieri & Elliot Kroll

Deborah Barbieri & Robert DePorto

Debbie Barbieri & Robert DePorto with their two daughters: Sophia (L) and Emily (R)
Croatia, 2017


Sara Calano & Nathan Rutman

Sara and Nathan with their four children, October 2022
From L to R: Sara, Lilly, Sadie, Keevon and Nathan

Michael Nicoletti & Christen Russo

Michael & Christen with their children Téa and Enzo, 2023

Bianca Nicoletti & Alexander Nicas

Bianca & Alexander with their children Lucia & Theo, 2023