Montalto Family Reunion, 1997
Adults from L to R: Donna Montalto, Stephanie Gill, Marilyn Montalto Gill
Children from L to R: Thomas, Olivia, Luke

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(Posted on November 11, 2023)


Nicholas Montalto

Donna Montalto with her father Nicholas, 1981
Michael, Nicholas, and Joseph Montalto, July 1990

The children of Nicholas Montalto with their mother Cathy on her 80th birthday, 2020
From L to R: Nicholas Montalto, Joseph Montalto, Donna Montalto, and Michael Montalto

Annette Montalto and Richard Colasuonno

The three children of Annette & Richard, 1969
From L to R: Richard, Kenny, & Lorraine
Annette Montalto & Richard Colasuonno, 1993

Marilyn Montalto and David Gill

The three children of Marilyn Montalto and David Gill:
From L to R: David, Stephanie, and Brian
Brian Gill in military uniform
Brian Gill with his grandmother Rae


Donna Montalto

Donna Montalto with her two sons Luke & Dean Williams, 2018

Nicholas Montalto & Melissa Sansom

Wedding photo of Nick & Melissa, 2001

Joseph Montalto & Jen

Wedding Photo of Joseph & Jen, June 29, 1996

Michael Montalto & Stacy Mahany

Wedding photo of Michael & Stacy, 1997

Richard Colasuonno & Christine Nash

Wedding photo of Rick Colasuonno & Christine Nash, 2003

Lorraine Colasuonno & Thomas Marola

Lorraine & Tom
Three Children of Lorraine and Thomas, 2001
From L to R: Thomas, Olivia, & Michael
Lorraine and Thomas’s daughter Olivia with her grandmother Annette

Kenneth Colasuonno & Rita Matarazzo

Ken & Rita’s two children, 2003
From L to R: Rachel & Christopher
Ken & Rita, 2011

David Gill & Elizabeth

Wedding photo of David and Elizabeth Gill, October 31, 1993

Brian Gill & Stephanie

Wedding photo of Brian & Stephanie, 2007

Stephanie Gill & Chris Kedersha

Wedding photo of Stephanie & Chris, 1999